Sakat Chauth in English (Step by Step) ⇒

सकट चौथ की प्रथम कथा प्रारम्भ

sakath chauth katha

Sakath Chauth 1st Story Starts

There was a moneylender and his wife.They did not believe on religious virtueand virtue.Due to this, they had no children. One day, Moneylender’s wife went to her neighbor’s house. That day there was Sakat Chauth, that neghbor was listening the story of sakath chauth after worship. Moneylender’s wife asked to the neighbor- “What are you doing? ” Then her neighbor replied that today is sakat chauth vrat , so, she is listening the story of sakat chauth.Then Moneylender’s wife asked that what is the benifit of sakat chauth fast ? Neighbor said that people get prosperity, wealth, longetivity of husband , son etc. as a reward by doing this sakat chauth fast. Then moneylender’s wife said that if she will be pregnant she will do one and quarter kilogram tilkut and also keep fast of sakat chauth. Moneylender’s will get pregnant with the grace of Shri Ganesh.Then she told that if she had a boy then she will be doing 2.5 Kg Tilkut. After sometime, She blessed with a baby boy.