Sakat Chauth in English (Step by Step) ⇒

सकट चौथ की तीसरी कथा

sakath chauth katha

Sakath Chauth 3rd Story

There was a majestic king named Harishchandra in the Satyuga. He was an expert in Kshatriya religion, simple nature, honest and admires of scholar Brahmins.During his reign there was no object called Adharma/unreligious.There was no handicapped, poor or sad in his kingdom. All people were devoid of disease and had longevity.
There was an ascetic brahmin Rishisharma in his kingdom.He went to heaven after the birth of a son.His wife used to take care of her son by begging. That Brahmin was fasting for Sakta Chath of magh month, the Most auspicious vrat.